9 to 5 Job Killer Reviews: What is 9 to 5 Job Killer? Is 9 to 5 Job Killer Scam?

9 to 5 Job Killer Reviews: What is 9 to 5 Job Killer? Is 9 to 5 Job Killer Scam?

While going through the web I came across a system named 9to5 job killer and the very moment I thought of writing a article on this. Anyways congratulations to you people who have made superb efforts and have landed on the right place to clear all the doubts which is violating your peace. The article will conclude all the questions related to 9 to 5 job killer like Is 9 to 5 job killer legit or fake?

What is 9 to 5 job killer? 

Basically, 9 to 5 Job killer is stage wise video training course that will help you learn how you can set up a business from home or any other comfortable acquaintances.

Firstly when you are willing to open 9 to 5 job killer you are taken on the sales page which is the home page of the website. The delivered claims and the theme of the website were very similar to other sack sites. Just by viewing the sales page you will clearly get an idea that there is something fishy with this website and sales video has the same voice tone as other scummy videos.

Jeff, who is supposed to be the owner of this program, assures that this is finally the time where you can quit your job and can start fantasizing about your luxurious lifestyle. He even exaggerates that this program is not like other scam sites, but many people with such shady personality says things like this.

He even claims that people less or no experience or exceptional skills can work on this system and will be able to make nearly $ 5000 – $10000 a month and can even earn with their own capability.  Doesn’t it sound superb?

9 to 5 Job Killer Reviews What is 9 to 5 Job Killer Is 9 to 5 Job Killer Scam

Jeff, even claims that the system is completely risk proof because you can get a refund.  But, the ugly truth is that this program is full of risks and you can only get a refund when we talk about $ 39 which is the initial offer.  But as promised by the website that you will get your refund which you don’t get at any cost for the high – ticket product that you purchase.  There is 100% possibility that you will lose your hard earned money if you spend high amounts of dollars in order to get a right to promote the high – ticket offers and at lastly you end up making no enough sales. They even deceive its members to pay money for traffic in order to get customers because this is the fastest way to get customers.  That is why this program is not risk free.

On the sales page, we are even presented some testimonials by some people who claim to be the members of this system and have earned thousands of dollars in their very first week.  It sounds pretty cool?  Even the video, in which Jeff is the spokesperson, is not concluded with all the important points.  He is more focused on making you believe that you need to quickly access to this training because he will not accept any payments.  But this is just a tactics of many scammers to scare people so that their craving converts into an appetite.  As no scammer should restrict the amount of money he can possibly make, therefore he will surely accept all the payments.

How 9 to 5 Job killer works?

Firstly the suspecting thing about this website is that 9 to 5 job killer is not the real name of the program they are actually selling as no logos or title can be seen.  Above this Jeff doesn’t even took the name of the program that is 9 to 5 job killer, but instead he mentioned 6 Steps to freedom.  Under various name this product is been marketed which is absolutely a red flag because this fact is very disturbing.  Because when a program is good is doesn’t need to hide its real name or change from the prospective members.  So if the claims that company exaggerates have been awesome then do you think they would have changed their name?  One of the bases can be that they don’t want prospective customers to know about their cynical reviews.  The assurance that this program works really very easily is a blunt lie and even the costs are also hidden.

Basically, $39 is just the initial price but with time you will be hit by the upsells and all your hopes will be shattered.  This website asks you to make a purchase of the product from which you wish to make money from. The moment you pay the initial price that is $39, the very moment your recruiter will earn a commission. When you get involved you will earn money when you get other people to pay for the same products that you have purchased. In a short note you just have to get other people into the same system and make them pay for the products of Jeff.  All you need to do is to promote the products of Jeff Lerner ‘s.

Is 9 to 5 Job killer a scam? 

After reviewing all the points about this program we conclude that with all interest we do not recommend it to our readers.  Though it provides some training to reciprocate your money but many of the people claims it a scam because the sales page is totally hypothetical.  All the claims were fake and flaunting.

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