AZ Millionaire Method Review: What is AZ Millionaire Method? Is AZ Millionaire Method Scam?

AZ Millionaire Method Review What is AZ Millionaire Method Is AZ Millionaire Method Scam

You are probably here to know about the system named AZ Millionaire Method and you have correctly landed on the right place. You might be wondering that can you really make money by using AZ Millionaire Method or not? As your suspicion is absolutely correct because these days we are deceived by many scam sites hauling all over the web.

What is AZ Millionaire Method?

The risk proof system claims that you can earn money in a very easy way that you will become a millionaire in a year or less. In order to work on this system you don’t need to have special skills or exceptional knowledge. Truthfully, any product which contains millionaire as its boasting word ends up being scam. This is complete done-for-you system but such claims lacks tools and training.

Ryan Ford, who is the owner of AZ Millionaire Method claims that he has made $20k within the first week by using this system. For a seasonal Internet Marketer this income amount is nothing new, but for a newbie this is going to be a difficult one. He claims that you can start making money the moment you get yourself started with this system.

Even the spokesperson of the video presented on the sales page claims that three people have reached their goal of making $1000000 money in 12 months. Doesn’t it sound unrealistic? The spokesperson exaggerates that these people have made such high amount with ease and have worked in their spare time. AZ Millionaire Method is no exception that other Click Bank products which we have talked about in the past.

How does AZ Millionaire Method works?

You will use Amazon affiliate program in order to earn money. Basically, you will promote the products of Amazon and you will earn commission when other people buy the products of Amazon by using your promotion link. Therefore the presentation of the sales video for AZ Millionaire Method is for sure deceptive because they will put all their efforts to make you believe that you will be getting some sort of system which will help you in making money by collecting affiliate commission.  But in reality, it’s nothing like that they will just provide you some PDFs and some training videos to give you some information in order to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

AZ Millionaire Method Review What is AZ Millionaire Method Is AZ Millionaire Method Scam

In order to work on Affiliate Marketing you need to sign up at Affiliate Program – in the case of AZ Millionaire it will Amazon Associates. To sign up on Amazon Associate you will need to have a website. Unless and until you do not have a website you will not be approved the membership because they want to know where you will promote the products. After getting approved as an Amazon Associate you will get affiliate links of the products you wish to earn money from. Therefore some products are more favorable than others, its better you should do your own research for the niche you want to promote. Secondly, you will need to think about a way how you will get the traffic on your affiliate links and for this purpose you will need both time and money. The quickest way to drive traffic is to pay for it because paid traffic methods will take less time than free traffic.

If in case AZ Millionaire would be a legit site would they had been hiring fake actors for the testimonials who claim that they have made millions of dollars. But if you notice them with full focus, that moment you will realize that they are not real members but are the paid actors hired from the website named Fiverr. They are paid to read the script in front of the camera in a way that they are the real members of the company.

Ryan Ford who is supposed to be the owner of AZ Millionaire Method claims himself to be the millionaire and he is confident about the system but he is not that much confident to show up on the video. He is trying to hide his identity. All the exaggerated claims about his earnings are fake.  Because of this fact I do not believe that there is a single person who has succeeded in using this product.

The eye catching point about AZ Millionaire Method is that they do not provide any information related to privacy policy.  Basically they are not transparent with the details about what they do with the emails or other personal information of the members. They may collect the information about the people to sell it to the some marketers or other companies for profit.

Is AZ Millionaire Method scam or not?

No it is not a scam. Obviously, Amazon is a popular brand but which is worthwhile that you can promote its products but you want get a bite of the sweet if possibly you do not put in hard work that is a must for an Affiliate Marketer. But we do not recommend this system as it sounds like “get quick rich”. All the sentences and phrases used in the sales video is just hype.

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