Scams Review? Is Dualmine Scam or Legit?

On the internet, there are many websites that offer the people a platform to invest their money. Dualmine is one of the websites that allow people to invest in their company. There must some doubts in your mind about this website. Doubts like, is Dualmine Scam? Or is Dualmine Legit? Or is Dualmine Fake? Or is  Dualmine  Real? These questions are very genuine. If you really have such doubts it means you are a wise person. In this Dualmine review, we will clear all your doubts. As aforementioned, Dualmine is an Investment Company. They are basically saying that you invest your money in their Investment Plans and they will provide you interest on them. The interests that offer by the company are very lucrative. If you are not interested in reading the full review, we can provide you the crux of it.  Dualmine is not recommended by us. This company is working on an illegal scheme i.e. Ponzi Scheme.

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How does Dualmine work?

Since Dualmine is an Investment Company. They have different investment plans to offer. Their investment plans interest rates is very high which is not possible to pay for any genuine Company. As we have already mentioned, the company investment rates are really very lucrative. They just want people to think only about the return and not about ‘HOW’ it can happen. In the real world, or in the real financial world, paying these high daily forever interest rate for sure is impossible. It’s cannot be achievable.  The interest rates of Dualmine website makes it company highly unsustainable.

The company does not have any plan to earn revenue other than the investment made by the members. But they are paying. They are paying to its old members from the money invested by the new members and this is how a Ponzi scheme works.

The affiliate programs are used to increase the traffic and the members of the website. Genuine companies pay commission to the people on the real product or services they help to sell. But Dualmine is paying commission without selling a real product or services which make it an illegal program Ponzi Scheme.  Dualmine is offering 1 or Different level affiliate programs with very high commissions.

The company had hidden or guarded their information in WHOIS records. By this, is clear that company is hiding intentionally. They are hiding because they are not a good people. The people working on this website could have the link to the other or previous scam websites. There is no mention of the owner of Dualmine website. They had not declared any name of their professionals. It is not possible that a company can work without owner and personals. It simply means that the people operating Dualmine website are not good.  Dualmine Company did not show a quantum of transparency. This degrades their credibility.

The proof of the legitimacy of the Dualmine website is solely based on the registration certificate shown by them. But the certificate they have shown that is not enough to make them solid. Anyone can get this certificate by paying only 20 GBP. It simply means their proof of legitimacy is fake. It concludes that the company claims to be a registered company is fake.


Dualmine is not recommended by us. It is working on two illegal scheme and it has no credibility as well as legitimacy. The details had already discussed in above paragraphs. We have just provided our opinion. Readers are free to take their call to invest on this website or not. We just want you to consider the discussed points before investing in any company.

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