Fast Fortune Club review: What is Fast Fortune Club? Is Fast Fortune Club Scam?

Fast Fortune Club review What is Fast Fortune Club Is Fast Fortune Club Scam

You have definitely landed on the right place. Here in this article we will be clearing all your doubts which are battling inside you.  This article about Fast Fortune Club will cover all the questions like Is Fast Fortune Club legit or scam? Should you believe his words?

What is Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club is an investment newsletter which is created and handled by Tom Gentile who claims to be “America # 1 Trader”. The investment newsletter subscription is promoted as a way that you will get the payouts from the bank every week. Even the host page has a picture which illustrates America’s # 1 Trader who became $ 1050 Richer in 15 seconds. Doesn’t it seem too good to be true? Therefore it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry. Therefore such hype claims creates suspicion in the minds of people. Even the quality of the Fast Fortune Club is questionable.

The working of the program is similar to Lifetime Income Report. Parent company of Fast Fortune Club is Money Map Press. Basically, in Fast Fortune Club investment newsletter subscription you will get investment advice from Tom Gentile and the other members of his team. He make predictions and advises what are good investments and what you should do.

Fast Fortune Club review What is Fast Fortune Club Is Fast Fortune Club Scam

Who is behind Fast Fortune Club?

Tom Gentile is behind the Fast Fortune Club, as he is both the owner and the one who handles this newsletter. He’s a millionaire and in addition to this he also has an experience in securities, trading stocks, options and futures. He is even an author of several educational books which includes The Option Course and the Index Course and others. He and other group members started a company named Optionetics in 1993, which is an option trading education company that was sold to Charles Schwab in 2009. But do you really think that this guy named Tom Gentile is some sort of a guru who will help you to make a ton of money like him?  For sure not!


  • The reputation of the parent’s company that is Money Map Press doesn’t have a good reputation. Though the company does have A+ BBB rating but over all this company has got 1 star out of five with the customer reviews all over the internet. Isn’t it is disgusting?
  • There are many complaints by the people hauling all over the web. Personages are in real aggression about the deceptive tactics used by the company and you will end by losing all your money.
  • It’s pretty much obvious that your money can better be invested at some other place. When you are paying $12 a month for newsletter subscription, than Fast Fortune Club is not worth at all.
  • You are in reality hacked by a lot of spam emails which will be sending to you repeatedly.

What happens after you subscribe?
Why are using Fast Fortune Club?

The answer is that you are actually paying them $12 for newsletter in order to get advice on investments. But above all you will also get other products which are listed below:

  • Fast Fortune Personal Money Calendar = Using this option you can predict option based on trading pattern recognition protocol which is created by Tom Gentile.
  • Fast Fortune Payday Appointments and Alerts = While making predictions with money calendar, payday appointments and alerts works hand -in- hand and provides you with instructions, recommendations, researches and tells you to do what to make trades.
  • Fast Fortune Million Dollar Masterclass = You get an access to masterclass which is available to you on monthly basis. In this masterclass they reveal some secrets, strategies, or techniques and will also provide live training demo.
  • Fast Fortune Quick Start Cash Course = This feature is available for beginners where they will show you different of trading and others. There is 7 part divided video which makes you learn all the basics, even things like how to set up an account and so on.
  • Fast Fortune Text Message Notifications = This product helps you keep aware. You will be sent direct notifications to your mobile phones whenever Fast Fortune Club receives latest information or details about stock or trading.
  • Fast Fortune Network = So, this is great feature of the club which provides you an access to the others members of the club where you can share the strategies, cross questions and much more.
  • Fast Fortune Progress Report = Progress reports are send to you weekly to show you how all the recommendations are working and how much profits you are gaining.
  • Fast Fortune Podcast = Therefore, every Friday Tom Gentile records a podcast outlining all the upcoming week plans.
  • Fast Fortune Roundtable= In this feature, you are welcomed for a live Q & A session where you raise your queries in front of Tom.
  • Fast Fortune Annual Submit = Every year Tom Gentile organizes a live submit where everyone can meet others in real life and can interact with Tom and his team members.

Is Fast Fortune Club a scam?

Therefore after viewing all the points and specifically after reviewing the main catch that the reputation of the parents company is below the bad mark. Therefore, we do not recommend this company. Hence, we do not recommend such misleading services to our reader where you cannot see a single hope of becoming rich.

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