Secret Millionaire Bot reviews: What is Secret Millionaire Bot? Is Secret Millionaire Bot Scam?

Secret Millionaire Bot reviews What is Secret Millionaire Bot Is Secret Millionaire Bot Scam

Welcome to each and every reader of this article. You might probably have heard about Secret Millionaire Bot system and for the very purpose you are here. First of all congratulations for making an effort to search about the website you are willing to work on, as further the usage of internet over the web is a house for many scammers. In this very article we will cover all the questions intruding in your mind like Is Secret Millionaire Bot a scam or real? Does it actually pay to its users?

What is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Secret Millionaire Bot was launched in March 2019 and Charles Allen is the owner of this system. According to this website, it promises all the members that the system is fully automated software which allows them to make huge amount of money on this auto pilot software. This website is nothing other than Hype.

The website promises that it allows people working with this system can make a minimum of 6 digit profits. No system can provide its members such huge amount for small tasks. After all this exaggerated words, if you still are thinking of joining with this system then you will definitely find yourself in disappointment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Secret Millionaire Bot reviews What is Secret Millionaire Bot Is Secret Millionaire Bot Scam

Charles Allen is supposed to be the owner of the system who says that this software has nothing to do with the Bitcoin, MLM, ecommerce…, or any other Internet marketing scams. This system is created by the Charles Allen and his other friends, who are Statisticians, Digital Marketing and even the programmers from the top firms. The system makes possible efforts to provide you money making opportunities over the Internet and copies these opportunities in your account. Doesn’t it sound too cool but these are the luring ways to attract people like you because no one earn such a great figure by doing no hard work.

When you visit the website you will be shown two testimonials, one represented by a girl who claims that she had earned $221k and other by an old man who claims that he made $350k. As after viewing these testimonials, they made be more concerned that these testimonials are highly hypothetical and fake. And a chance of reference I even reminisced that these face was somewhat like the faces on the website I viewed lately. None of the spokesperson on such scam sites has made a single penny but they just provide service on the website called Fiverr, for a living. Hence, it’s been clearly declared that this is a fake website which sends spam emails and even uses fake testimonials to attract you to work with software.

How does Secret Millionaire Works?

Firstly they will send you a spam email to ask you to join the software by using flowery words and by clicking the link provided you will be taken to a “get rich quick” sales video which will leads you to a Click Bank order page. The initial price $37, in order to make you purchase. If you decide to purchase you will be hit by the upsells running minimum to $100 and even more. This is the way how the people behind this software earn money. Basically, there is no website all over the Internet where you earn such high amount by pushing some buttons. With all your hopes which particularly gets shattered you will get old and out dated training on money making with affiliate marketing instead of a secret money making software.

In a summarizing way, Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model which helps people to earn money. On a small note, Affiliate Marketing is place where you promote the products of others for a commission. So when someone who is recognized as affiliater clicks on this promoted link and make a purchase, then you earn a commission.  If you wish to earn money in a legit way the please make an effort to read our article about our No 1 recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate. Please read more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:

You can probably earn some money as Secret Millionaire Bot provides you training, but definitely you will not earn millions. Even this software provides same out dated training programs like other scam software.  So when the training is not up to date therefore it is red flag.

Even the website claims that your access to the product will be removed at midnight but when you try it the next day you can still access to it. And other noticing thing is that the company claims that few copies are remaining but there is no limit the amount of the product company wants to sell. The icons on the website of Forbes, CNN, or Huff are added just gain the attraction of many people, but in reality they have no connection with this site. Even the owner and testimonials are all fake.

Is Secret Millionaires Bot a scam?

By considering all the negative points about this site we conclude that we do not recommend this site. Otherwise it even depends on you; some people find it a real site because it provides training and you also earns something, but some claims it to be a scam because  it doesn’t live up to the expectations of the users and even have not stood up to its promises.

On the other hand we do not totally call it a scam site because you will get some basic and generic training about affiliate marketing but we do not recommend Secret Millionaire Bot because it is not worth your time.