Secret Millionaires Club reviews: Is Secret Millionaires Club Scam?

Secret Millionaires Club reviews Is Secret Millionaires Club Scam

The moment I came across the so- called software named Secret Millionaires’ Club, I thought of writing the review about it and for the very purpose you people are here. This software is absolutely scam and the reasons for considering it a scam are mentioned in later paragraphs. This review will contain all the questions intruding in your mind.

What is Secret Millionaires Club?

Secret Millionaire Club is trading software that claims to pay you $1,135,659 in 6 months. Right now they are allowing 30 people to get this software for free. So this means they are giving free money? How can it be possible that they are giving you the chance to become millionaires without any deposit? Doesn’t it sound great? But it is too good to be true. They claim that they are allowing people for free because they want to sell it to an investment bank and they want that the software members should send them a screenshot of their bank account after they become millionaires so that they can prove that the software actually works. All the claims made by the website are exaggerated as it is not possible them to be true because trading is risky and the amount company claims to pay is unrealistic as a trading system cannot offer 2000% of ROI. There are more red flags in the Secret Millionaires Club homepage and the sale page videos.

The website invites customers to join the software for free but a catch here is that the company asks you to register yourself with their chosen trading partner named as Glenridge capital. The software claims that the members can earn $5000 in a single day and $1million in nearly six months.

Secret Millionaires Club reviews Is Secret Millionaires Club Scam

How does Secret Millionaire Club works?

The moment you enter inside a website the personages are lured by the sales page through a spam email or an online ad. The idea of the page is to sell you the idea of how you can earn tons of money. This excites the people because in reality everyone wants to make money in an easy way.  After listening to the video of the person named Steven’s and you fill out the form which requires you to put your email address and name in the boxes, you will then be taken to the second page which contains a video by a different guy named Sam Johnson.  He directs you to fill out another form which requires more specific details. From there you are directed towards a trading brokerage where you must have to deposit $250 to start trading and use this secret software. The main motive of the site it to direct you to a hidden trading brokerage. And for this very purpose the people who run the Secret Millionaires Club earns commission.  The brokers that the website recommends are unlicensed brokers who try to make you lose your trades which in result you lose your money that you invested.  The owners of the Secret Millionaires Club are in partnership with the scammers who pay them commission for referring the traders who are willing to invest and trade.  In addition to this after obtaining your personal information like email and phone number they repeatedly send you spam emails and even continuously calls you in order to convince you to fund you’re your money as much as you can in the trading. They will even sell your personal information to the third party who will have other ways to scam you.

Demerits of the Secret Millionaires Club:

  • The membership spots available on the home page or the sales page is completely fake as the number of the spots ranks higher the moment you refresh the page. These are basically the tactics of the company to lure more people to trade with them and make you feel scared that your last chance of joining the software is also passing from your hands.
  • The voice on the video presented on the sales page appeared to be the voice of the guy who mentioned himself as Steven and the video on the second page was by a guy named Sam Johnson. Steven appeared to be one of the members of the Secret Millionaires Club and Sam Johnson is supposed to be the creator of the club. But while presenting the video the faces of the spokesperson is hidden. This means that they are trying to hide their identity as no details of these two people are trailed outside the videos. And even the way they are speaking seems to be that they are mere actors and not a genuine speaker.
  • On the sales page which is basically the first page of the website, no testimonials are presented. Unless and until you enter your email and your name and enters into the second page you will not be shown any testimonials. The purpose behind this fill-up form is that if in case you do not feel interested with the company then also company has reached it goal by obtaining your email address where they will repeatedly send you spam mails. All the testimonials listed on the second page are also fake and you can find their registered name on other social media sites and even their pictures can be found on other websites also.
  • The first alluring thing this website brings is that it is free to use. But once you join they will ask you to fund your trading account with minimum of $250. The website is completely fake because once you enter your credit card details they can probably be misuse and the claim the company roars also become false.

Final verdict:

Keeping in mind all the cons of the website like fake testimonials, tactics, and false claims about the joining amount …. Etc; brings us in the conclusion that it’s better to stay away from such software. And the website which promises to bring a huge amount of riches in our pocket is a big no. Therefore we conclude that Secret Millionaires Club is a scam site which robs people’s faith in them. There are many scams hauling these days.

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