TCP Lifestyle Review: Is TCP Lifestyle Scam or Legit?

TCP Lifestyle Review Is TCP Lifestyle Scam or Legit

Welcome to our TCP Lifestyle Review. We are going to answer all your queries in this article. This article will end your doubts and questions like is TCP Lifestyle Scam? Or is TCP Lifestyle Fake?

If you are not interested to read the whole article. We can brief it for you. We do not recommend this site the reasons you will find in detail in the article. It is not scam product. But it does not mean that you should buy it blindly. This program is not worth the price it cost.

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What is TCP Lifestyle and working?

TCP Lifestyle Review Is TCP Lifestyle Scam or Legit

This site claims to help people to earn 6 figures online. Their system is 100% (on face value). The work people have to do is follow TCP Lifestyle system and live a lifestyle of true freedom.

But it is not the whole picture.

The sales video on the site available runs for 3 minutes. The video obviously made to believe people that they can earn 6 figure income. There is nothing much you will find in the video except a dream to earn 6 figure income. What you are going to do, is not mentioned in the video.

Other point is that the system is indeed free but just for 7 days. After 7 days, it will cost $50 per month. It is high cost.

The Wealthy Affiliate site we are recommending cost $49. If you want to try it free then there is no time limit. The good point about Wealthy Affiliate is that you fill find numerous success stories about it.

In reality, TCP Lifestyle is a sales funnel for The Conversion Pros (TCP).  It means the maker of this site is an affiliate of TCP. When you join this site you are joining the TCP. He will be going to earn commission from your membership. It is what affiliate means also. There is nothing wrong in it.

As we have told, you are joining the Conversion Pros. It is a platform that help you to generate lead for online business that you want to run. Being its member you will be able to access suite of tools and training programs. The ultimate aim is to make money. They are helping you in that pursuit.

Other way you can make money is by promoting it. Promotion is very simple like you promote different apps and earn cash back or something in return. Same thing happen.

This kind of work is known as affiliate. You will earn commission by making more members to it. This way you can earn $35 per month in recurring commissions, for the life of the customer.

We also do affiliate marketing, therefore, we know that recurring commission is very pleasant.

It does not mean that you rush to start promoting the products. It is an art to promote products in a way that help people and you to grow. Therefore, before entering in the affiliate marketing we recommend you to read and learn it.

Cons of TCP Lifestyle:

  1. We did not like their focus on creating a ‘one page websites’. It is also termed as landing/captured pages). It is not a full website but just a page and nothing more.
  2. In this site, you are not building any organic traffic. You can create a website. It means you cannot fill your site with good content that help you to have an organic content. As a result, you have to rely on paid traffic. The sad part is that this kind of business cripple soon, especially for newbies.

End Verdict:

TCP Lifestyle is not a scam site. It is legit but it does not means it is worthy to buy it. We do not recommend it. There are many genuine sites available on the internet which are really helped many people.

The Wealthy Affiliate is one such site. They are no.1 their business. They have helped many people (including us) to earn a full time income from home. So try it and read more about it here:

If you have any doubt regarding TCP Lifestyle or any other site, please share it with us. It will be our pleasure to help you.