Top 8 Beautiful countries in World

If you are looking for an exotic holiday trip, then you are on the right page. There are countless beautiful countries in the world, but we have listed the top 8 beautiful countries in the world:


Italy is a country in Europe. This beautiful and charming country entices international tourism from all over the world.  Italy has won the heart of international tourism with its incredible food, natural beauty, art, style, history, spellbinding tradition, and advanced culture. UNESCO recognized its largest number of world heritage. This country is the home of the largest number of world heritage. Its architecture and renaissance art is famous around the world.  Rome, Florence, and Venice are their romantic cities.


Switzerland one of the most beautiful country in the world, during winter, powdery ski slopes, landscapes, waterfalls, and frozen lakes are the charm of this country.  Its handmade chocolates are famous all around the world.  Switzerland is famous for shooting and capturing shots, top cinematographers and moviemakers prefer this place. Zermatt village is incredible for its natural beauty; the ski town is known to buy bottles of air from the surrounded mountains. Bern, Geneva, and Zurich are the coolest place and known for their adventure activities. This place is also a good option to visit during the summer.switzerland


Spain is famous in worldwide for its world-class beaches. Playa de Las Catedrales in Galicia is the famous beach. Spain is one of the neatest countries in the world.  This country is a home of 15 national parks, 5 among them are found in the Canary and Balearic Islands. Mount Teide, is the tallest mountain in the country and is located in Teide National Park. The third tallest volcanic structure in the world is located in Pico Viejo. Its ancient buildings and natural monuments make this town more charming.  Madrid and Barcelona are monumental cities.



Canada is the world’s second-biggest country. It is one of the coolest destinations for a family vacation. Canada is known for its beautiful places in the world, some of the beautiful places to visit are Toronto, Maligne Lake, Bay of Fundy, the city of Vancouver, Forillion National Park, Abraham Lake, and Montreal. There are 48 national parks from Alberta’s serene Banff to Yukon’s extreme Kluane.  Canada’s scenery ranges from serene lakes to lofty mountains, Torngat Mountains National Park, home of polar bears and caribou, as well as glaciers and fjords.



The foreign visitors have been doubled in the last ten years to Thailand; reason is quite simple it offers exposure to crafts outlets and art, beaches, architectural buildings, and beautiful temples. There are hundreds of different Islands like “Ko Tao” for crystal-clear diving waters, “Ko Kut” for lust jungles. For its beautiful beaches Thai Island famous across the world. Bangkok city, a capital city is known for its sparkling nightclub and city life. It is one of the famous nightlife cities in the world. It has incredible exposure to wildlife such as wild tigers and elephants.



In the physical geography of Brazil, 60% of the Amazon rainforest is in the northern part.  It contains the largest forest area in the world. Many known species are found in the Amazon rainforest, and the greatest biodiversity such as woolly spider monkeys, giant water lilies, jaguars, ocelots, and mangroves.  The horseshoe-shaped falls of Iguacu, the peak of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, and Kayak through Amazon are the most beautiful places. Mount Roraima is the hardest mountain to climb.


The United State of America

The United States has a lifetime of exploring natural places. Hawaii’s vertical Na’Pali Coast is one of the amazing coastlines on the planet. World-Famous Zion National Park, Denali National Park in Alaska, Prized National Park, and Yosemite National Park attract the visitors. The biggest and beautiful cities in America are New York, Chicago, Yellowstone, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and the list goes on. Gorgeous beaches and purple mountains are the beauty of this country.



India is one of the beautiful countries, it is known for its culture, wildlife, and diversity.  Taj Mahal is famous all over the world.  Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Kutub Minar are ancient places. Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Ladakh, Gujrat are the famous cities in India to visit. Auli and valley of flower in Uttrakhand, a road trip in  Ladakh, and Queen of Hill Station – Shimla are the beautiful places in India. Some popular cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, and Hyderabad.